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Sourcing, Establishing & Managing Passive Income Opportunities

My purpose in life is to invest in others so that they get to be in a better place, helping them to increase their income, profits or net worth. The last four years have been a rollercoaster of exciting opportunities and educational pitfalls since I chose a new direction in life.

Gone was the 9 to 5 (or was it 8 till oh so late) exhausted MD of an international plastics manufacturer. Re-borne and rejuvenated is the independent, self-motivated, passive income-seeker with so much more time for golf, the gym, family, holidays, my darling wife and of course – ME, Peter Boulton.

PASSIVE INCOME … what is it?

Passive income is commonly defined as – money arriving in regular intervals without the need for a considerable amount of effort to create it.

In simple terms, that’s it. But, as we all know, you get out what you put in – so getting it right can be hard work. Is it worth it? Absolutely – YES.

Why? Because, if you get it right, what you get out is exponentially (and delightfully) considerably MORE than you put in.

He who makes $25,000 annually through passive income is more enviable than he who earns $100,000 annually through a salary.

…said M. Mokhonoana.

What you get out can be exponentially (and delightfully) considerably MORE than you put in.


The good news (very good news) is that we have already done the learning for you. You will understand who ‘we’ are on the enlightening ABOUT page.

My own learning has been over four years. Together, we have a congruent pool of expertise that you will find invaluable.

It costs you nothing.

It costs you nothing but, please use the experience wisely. You know what they say about ‘a little wisdom’.

Develop your learning with our ongoing help.


So, WHY might this suit YOU?


As we move through the many phases of life, one chapter closes and another begins. Our circumstances, opportunities – HEALTH, WEALTH & LIFESTYLE all change.

Income becomes savings; capital becomes investments; pensions kick in and financial independence begins – well, that’s the theory.

Fact – we get older. Fact, health begins to decline. Fact, our wealth has so much to deliver. Fact, our lifestyles change, affording more leisure opportunities, family time, travel, hobbies etc.

For many, after a busy working life where time is dictated by responsibilities, the thought of these vast expanses of fresh, open horizons is quite daunting. Freedom can be suffocating.

If this is you, THIS is the opportunity of YOUR lifetime.

By following the process I embarked on four years ago, your mind stays active, your health improves, wealth is protected and grows, and this all fits beautifully within the lifestyle YOU choose to make, and which YOU are able to enjoy.


There are many, so many, too many passive income vehicles, opportunities, and propositions out there. They fall into a number of categories from good, excellent, to unbelievable – and that’s ‘unbelievable’ in a good way


We used the word ‘exponential’ earlier in referring to the EP from certain PI vehicles / opportunities / income streams.

Some EPs are unbelievable … until you bite the bullet, give it a go, see the results, get past your point of disbelief, and increase your commitment to a level at which you are comfortable to elevate your interests.


A community is defined as: a group of people living in the same place or having particular interests and characteristics in common. The internet puts us all in the same place. And our common passion is to improve our health, wealth and lifestyles.

The LEANin Community is just that.


The first step is easy, let’s have a chat.

Tap into the experience, learn from OUR mistakes, NOT YOURS. We will show you how to turn on those illusive INCOME STREAMS, how to generate PI, and from where. We will, in time, also show you how to capitalise on your income.

Your Net Worth will grow from the Profitable, Passive Income you generate. We are simply here to get you started, provide background advice and show you how to further increase your incremental wealth.


If you want to do what I did, walk away from the clouds of an office to the sunshine of Passive Income. If you just need (or, simply want) more money. If you are topping up a pension that doesn’t match the retirement lifestyle you hoped you would have.

Let’s talk.