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Sourcing, Establishing & Managing Passive Income Opportunities

My purpose in life is to invest in others so that they get to be in a better place, helping them to increase their income, profits or net worth.

The last four years have been a rollercoaster of exciting opportunities and educational pitfalls since I chose a new direction in life.

Gone was the 9 to 5 (or was it 8 till oh so late) exhausted MD of an international plastics manufacturer. Re-borne and rejuvenated is the independent, self-motivated, passive income-seeker with so much more time for golf, the gym, family, holidays, my darling wife and of course – ME, Peter Boulton.

We draw on a wealth of experience to help you grow your own WEALTH from the earnings and the lifestyle of PASSIVE INCOME.

The experience we draw on

Trevor Chatham

Trevor Chatham

Trevor has been earning from a Virtual Business portfolio and Passive Income for 20 years or so now. Based on the eastern coast of Australia, his attention to detail and team support have become legendary. He is most definitely there to help others get to enjoy the lifestyle he clearly does.

Tony Brown

Tony Brown

This is an image of Tony doing what he loves and does best – hosting a Webinar to help others understand the benefits of Passive Income and how to make it work to generate exponential levels of returns. He is there to help and, boy does he help.

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross

Stuart described himself as ‘an introverted Estate Agent who went from working 70 hours a week to make a living, to building a multi-million online business from scratch. His story and his teaching have been an inspiration to me (PB) and one I hope to share with you soon.


There’s nothing soft about Passive Income. This is hard work – just different work that you can do when, where and how you choose. It can take years to acquire the knowledge, establish the digital assets, test, invest and exploit your chosen passive income channel.

However, because WE have the knowledge and experience already (but, we are still learning all the time) YOU can start to make a difference sooner.

A wise Ancient Chinese proverb declares:

The best time, to plant an orchard was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

Let’s talk.

Start today or you simply defer the benefits until it might be too late.